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Welcome to The MAZE OF HONOR™

your place in history

Since memories deserve a noble site, this is YOUR PLACE IN HISTORY.

jacques andre istel

The Founders.

your place in history

Another view of the Maze of Honor.

The MAZE OF HONOR™ gives all of us the elegant and affordable means to preserve our memories for the ages.

It is your and our place in history.

This is our story:

In 1985, we founded  the Town of Felicity  DEDICATED TO REMEMBRANCE.

Then founding  the Museum of History in Granite, we spent twenty five years engraving history on monuments designed for 4000 years.

Today, with the Museum a candidate as a World Heritage Site, Time magazine states “Design is worth the trip”.

But, with space allocated to history, we could not fulfill requests for personal memories. Also a family photo would cost hundreds of dollars with the process then used.

Now, by laser engraving on granite, the MAZE OF HONOR™ fulfills this long term mission:

To preserve in an elegant and permanent yet affordable manner, the cherished memories of fellow inhabitants of planet Earth.

Jacques-André Istel, founder

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